About Us

About Us

Zenith Construction is a proudly Hispanic owned, 8(a) Certified, full service General Contractor with over 15 years experience. We provide exceptional service in both Residential and Commercial Construction. From start to finish, Zenith is dedicated to the concept of total project management. This is based on complete planning, scheduling, cost control, and closely monitored design and construction. Regardless of the project type or budget, every detail gets the attention it deserves.

As General Contractor, the team at Zenith Construction manages the construction of a given project by establishing a clear scope of work.

  • Our competitive advantage when pricing a given project is ensured with our estimating team that value prices and streamlines the project delivery system by developing alliances with the most qualified subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Our certified quality control managers, superintendents and job coordinators will ensure quality results while closely monitoring the project budget and schedule.
  • Our safety compliance designee will interview all employees on a given project to determine their knowledge of the safety and health program/plan, their understanding of applicable OSHA standards, and their training in recognition and awareness of the four leading hazards in construction:
    • Falls (e.g., floors, platforms, roof)
    • Struck by (e.g., falling objects, vehicles)
    • Caught in/between (e.g., cave-ins, unguarded machinery, equipment)
    • Electrical (e.g., overhead power lines, power tools, and cords, outlets, temporary wiring.)

Zenith Construction has the necessary tools, equipment, work force, and expertise to carry on all the demolition, excavating, concrete, light plumbing, framing, carpentry work, roofing, etc.  Our capability of accomplishing the latter maintains our control of the project.  Scheduling of the tasks becomes more fluid when majority of work is carried on with in-house work force. Other specialty work shall be carried out by one of our numerous qualified contractors.  Our subcontractors are fully responsible, and understand that if for any reason they cannot schedule a task on a predetermined time, a replacement would be found and utilized.

At Zenith Construction, our goal is to provide quality construction services in both the residential and commercial sectors. We take pride in being a hands-on contractor. Our personal approach, which ensures our attention to every detail of a project, is supported by a wealth of experience that allows us to deliver quality work, on time and within budget.